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Who needs a Personal Shopper today?

Ubique Fashion came to fruition by a Milan based international team of MBA and fashion professionals who possessed a burning passion for the luxury in-store experience. After pursuing their careers within some of the world’s leading luxury brands, they began to observe the lack of personal service amongst the online shopping community.  

It became clear how automated shopping online truly is. Clicking around the internet praying that the little black dress modelled by the size- four women would hug your curves in the same way… just didn’t cut it for them anymore.  


Wanting to introduce customers to the seamless online shopping experience - Ubique Fashion was born.

We decided to put the ‘person’ back into the online personal shopper...

Digital Fashion Concierge


Made with the most dedicated luxury shoppers in mind; Ubique digs up the hidden gems within the fashion world. That perfect little black dress is out there and we are going to find it.


Ubique is not just here to leave a mark on your wardrobe. Ubique is here to help you define your mark a little better. 

For luxury shoppers...
We are redefining personalised shopping

Ubique is redefining personalised shopping to curate an exclusive service for you. With most ‘personal shoppers’ putting such an emphasis on the bigger brands, how are you going to discover the hidden gems within smaller boutiques? The experts will filter through the best trends, influencers and will use our expertise to predict the next big thing. 

Which could be you.


Ask Ubique for that little black dress, we shop with you in mind.

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