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There are no secrets to our shopping...

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Shopping online is now a personal affair


Ubique welcomes exclusive members to join the first digital fashion concierge service.

With online shopping finally meeting the luxury in-store affair, our customers receive a personalized experience at home or on the go.


It's all about you.


Forget the days of shopping online with no real idea of where to look. With just one text through any messaging service, your Ubique Qurator will take over the painful process of boutique browsing. They will peruse and select items you will fall in love with ensuring they are delivered to your doorstep. 

Go beyond shopping


Looking beyond the sale, UBIQUE is a friend. We are not referring to the friend who will tell you that you look good in everything - it’s flattering but not always helpful. 

We are that friend who wants you to look and feel your absolute best. We advise and support all fashion statements to ensure that what you wear represents you.

Oh, and we are actual fashion experts. 


Why join our community?



All it takes is one fashion request through our live chat, offered via WhatsApp, to connect with a Qurator.



Encounter an array of options, advice and suggestions on how a garment can be styled to represent you.



Once we have found the perfect match, we ensure that the luxury item is at your doorstep without you having to lift a finger.

Become a member today to get access to our service.

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