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Experts with an eye for detail...

Introducing our Fashion Qurators 

Redefining remote shopping


Welcoming a group of skilled professionals who curate fashion-finds to fit their clients in every way.

They say that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life...

Why join our community?


Passion pays...

Our Style Qurators represent our core value - the human touch. We know your worth and you should too.

Earn competitive commissions on any sale you make.

Manage orders from anywhere

Your clients will have access to luxury boutiques from around the world, both the understated and the larger brands will be at your fingertips.


It's on your terms...

We go off your schedule so that you have complete freedom; select a purse in between brunch and pilates.

If you have a client then we have their wardrobe.


Professionals with a fashion background or those who want to find their place in the luxury fashion world, join our community and discover how we can create value for your careers.

Are you ready to show us your skills?


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